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The Best Wallets For Women

What to Look For When shopping for a women’s wallet, we suggest focusing on three important factors: the durability of the material, the style of closure, and the size. With that in mind, a few wallets stood out to us. Lavemi women’s wallet is the perfect option for those who like to keep everything all […]

The Best Roller Shoes For Kids

What to Look For When shopping for roller skate shoes, we suggest focusing on three factors: the type of wheels, the overall style of the sneakers, and their durability. The roller skate shoes made by Nsasy are an amazing all-purpose pair designed with a little bit of everything. With two wheels on each shoe, lights, […]

The Best Watch Boxes For Women

What to Look For We took capacity, security, and versatility into consideration when vetting the top watch cases on our list to make sure your timepieces are safely and stylishly stored. So, for example, if you’re looking for a locking watch box that can also hold other accessories along with your timepieces, then check out […]

The Best Tiaras

What to Look For When shopping for a tiara, we suggest considering three important elements: the event you’re attending, how the tiara attaches to your hair, and how well it complements your personal style. With those factors in mind, we highlighted a few of our favorite options. For example, Didder’s silver crystal tiara is a […]

The Best Rubber Band Bracelet Kits

What To Look For When it came to choosing which rubber band kit would make the cut, we focused primarily on three important factors: the strength of the bands, variety, and included accessories. After all, what’s a kit without the proper parts? Because rubber band kits are an excellent first foray into DIY magic, it’s […]

The Best Velvet Scrunchies

What To Look For When it comes to the velvet scrunchie, not all are created equal. We discovered this fact when weeding through the many options of velvet scrunchies on the market. With that in mind, we thought of three must-have factors for the right velvet scrunchie. The first factor is quality. The seams needed […]

The Best Jewelry Armoires

What to Look For In order to find the best jewelry armoires, we focused our attention on three key qualities: style, build quality, and spaciousness. A jewelry armoire should provide plenty of space for you to keep your jewelry organized in a well-designed piece that’s built to last. Plus, you’ll probably want the design of […]

The Best Garment Bags

What to Look For When searching for the best garment bags on the market, we vetted our top choices for three qualities: protective capabilities, accessibility, and cost value. Frequently travelers or commuters will want to check out the garment bag from Simple Houseware, which is extra long to accommodate more clothes as well as a […]

The Best Flower Crowns

What to Look For To find the best flower crowns on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Are the colors nice? Is the material high-quality? Is the crown comfortable to wear? If you’re searching for a simple yet elegant flower crown with a mix of greenery and florals, we love the ones from Vividsun. […]

The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Men

What to Look For Focusing on style, durability, price point, and weight, we rounded up some of the best polarized sunglasses on the market. For example, if you’re looking for an all-around reliable pair, then the polarized sunglasses from Faguma are sure to catch your eye. They’re lightweight yet durable and oh-so-comfortable. If it’s style […]