The 5 Best Bubble Baths

Everyone can use a bit of relaxation at the end of a tiring day. One way to do so, and it’s really affordable, is with a bath. The right bubble bath can leave you feeling relaxed and have your skin feeling baby-soft. Whether you have sensitive skin, want something with fragrance or a vegan option, there’s a bubble bath for every need. You’ll be on your way to creating an at home spa experience in no time.

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt

Spa in a bottle

The addition of soothing bath salts makes this bubble bath a clear winner from a reliable brand.
Best Overall

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Dr. Teal’s is pretty well known as a brand for its soothing, muscle relaxing epsom salts. Well, this bubble bath combines those same relaxing qualities in a bubble bath gel. The pure epsom salt and essential oils can help de-stress anyone after a long day. A few capfuls will create a tub of bubble to soak your stress away.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Available in different soothing scents
  • A little product goes a long way


  • Can dry skin out

Deep Steep Bubble Bath Vanilla Coconut

The perfect fragrance

Some bath products are overly scented and others are so mild, you can barely smell them. This bubble bath is somewhere in the middle.
Best Scent

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Some people prefer beauty products that are scent free, either because they can’t handle the strong smells or have sensitive. But for people who love a light fragrance, Deep Steep’s vanilla coconut bubble bath is a great option. However, just because it smells good doesn’t mean it’s loaded with harmful chemicals. It’s free of alcohol, dyes, petroleum and parabens. Instead it’s loaded with coconut and argan oils and shea butter. Your dry, parched skin will thank you and your bathroom will smell like a spa.


  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • The scent is light, not overpowering


  • Doesn’t produce a lot of bubbles

Everyone 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Bubble Bath

For the household

Practically everyone in the family can use this 3-in-1 product that’s a bubble bath and more.
Best Multipurpose

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As the name suggests, this product serves quite a few purposes. It’s suitable as a shampoo for a variety of hair types, but also lathers up as a body wash and bubble bath. Made with plant extracts (aloe vera and calendula) and essential oils, the large bottle will get tons of use as a regular in your shower and bath routine.


  • Great for everyone in the family
  • A single bottle will last a long time
  • Ideal for dryer skin


  • Has a more watery consistency, versus a thicker gel

The Honest Company Bubble Bath

Soft skin wonder

Made for kids, but anyone with sensitive skin can enjoy this nourishing, light bubble bath.
Best for Kids or Sensitive Skin

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Another winner for sensitive skin is The Honest Company’s bubble bath. It’s intended for kids, but anyone with sensitive skin can appreciate the hypoallergenic bubble bath. What it doesn’t contain? Sulfates, parabens or dyes. What’s it loaded with? Chamomile, coconut oil, jojoba protein and quinoa extract. Basically, it’s everything you want and nothing you don’t need.


  • Plant based formula
  • Available in different scents
  • The bubbles last a long time


  • A bit more expensive than the average bubble bath
  • The lavender scent can be too strong for some

Solimo Night-Time Baby Bath Bubble

Budget bubbles

Don’t let the no frills bottle fool you, this bubble bath gets the job done.
Best Budget

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Here’s another option that’s specifically made for babies, but loved by everyone. The fairly large bottle costs just a few dollars and is comparable to more expensive brands. Though it does have a mild lavender scent, this bubble bath doesn’t contain any special ingredients or fancy packaging. But if you just want or need a foaming bubble bath, this is it.


  • As little as two capfuls create a lot of bubbles


  • Contains fragrance and some skin drying ingredients
  • The product can be tough to squeeze out the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

How much bubble bath should you add to the tub?

The amount of bubble bath you add to your bathtub can depend on a few things, including how sudsy you want the bath and the formula of the actual bubble bath product. Some products lather more than others, while some are watery.

Does bubble bath make your skin dry?

If a product has a lot of sultfates or parabens, it can dry your skin out. Choose products with more natural ingredients and nourishing oils to keep your skin moisturized.

Can you use bubble bath with a bath bomb or bath salts?

You can add your favorite bath bomb or relaxing bath salts to your bubble bath to create an at home spa experience.