The 5 Best Wool Socks for Women

When it's cold and gray outside, and all you want to do is lounge on the coach with wine and Netflix, there's one must-have item that you simply can't be without: a super-cozy, super-warm pair of wool socks. True, it can be tough to find the perfect pair of wool socks. Some are too scratchy or itchy, some aren't the highest-quality material, and some tend to get misshapen if you put them in the washing machine. Finding the perfect pair of wool socks is like finding the Holy Grail; although, once you do, you'll likely never want to take them off again. For the best, comfiest, coziest socks that money can buy, look no further than the ones on this list.

Senker 5-Pack Women’s Wool Socks

The coziest of them all

These Senker socks are truly one-of-a-kind, on all counts.
Best Overall

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Made from superior-grade, breathable wool, the Women’s Wool Socks from Senker will have your feet doing a little happy dance as soon as you slip them on; they’re just that cozy. Unlike many other types of wool socks crafted from low-quality, itchy material, these warm, supremely comfy socks are the real deal. They’re a nice length, although they’re also very stretchy, so you can adjust them according to your preference. And hey, who says that a great pair of wool socks has to be dingy and gray? Not so with the Senker socks, which come in a wide variety of adorable patterns and colors.


  • Wool is high-quality, moisture-wicking, and very breathable.
  • Material is cozy, warm, and stretchy, not itchy or constricting.
  • Available in lots of cute colors and patterns, not just boring gray or white.
  • Come in a pack of four.


  • You can’t put them in the washing machine (or at least, you shouldn’t if you want them to retain their shape).

Smartwool Hiking Crew Socks

Hike all your cares away

SmartWool is the sock brand that all serious hikers turn to, and for good reason: They're the best.
Best for Hiking

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When you hit the trail, you’d better have some awesome-quality wool socks to guide you on your journey. Wool socks help provide cushiony support, and they also wick away sweat from your feet, which is a must-have feature when you’re out hiking all day. Enter SmartWool Hiking Crew Socks: In terms of caliber and performance, nothing beats these babies. Made from 100-percent wool, Smartwool socks provide super-warm insulation and a comfortable fit, regardless of whether you’re doing two miles or 20. The medium cushioning offers padded comfort for your precious toes, no matter the terrain, while also absorbing and wicking away sweat. And, they come in several attractive colors, to boot.


  • Simply unparalleled when it comes to performance and materials.
  • Warm insulation without being too bulky or thick.
  • Perfect amount of cushioning.


  • On the expensive side (although hey, you get what you pay for).

Darn Tough Merino Wool Crew Socks

Great for every activity

Regardless of whether you're walking, running, or just hanging out, these Darn Tough socks will get you through.
Best for Everyday Use

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When you find really great merino wool socks, there’s just no going back. Why? Because merino wool is wonderfully breathable yet warm, antibacterial, lightweight, and highly durable. And Darn Tough Merino Wool Crew Socks check all those boxes, and then some. These socks are temperature-regulating, which means you can wear them in a range of temperatures and weather conditions, and they’ll wick away moisture from the skin like no other (all while keeping your feet cozy and cool, or warm). And, the undetectable seam fusion provides a smooth, invisible feel. All in all, they’re perfect for everyday wear.


  • Super high-quality merino wool.
  • Buttery-smooth feel, thanks to the undetectable seam design.
  • Fast-action wicking; antibacterial.


  • Again, these definitely aren’t the cheapest wool socks, by any means.

EnerWear 4-Pack Women’s Merino Wool Socks

Why fit in when you could stand out?

These EnerWear socks are available in every color of the rainbow.
Best Colors

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EnerWear Merino Wool Socks aren’t just super-comfy and warm (although they certainly are), and they’re not just well-designed (even though, yes, they are), but most importantly, these are some of the cutest wool socks you’ve ever seen. They come in a dazzling array of vibrant color combos, with bright swirls, dots, and tie-dye patterns alike. In addition to being cute, these EnerWear socks are comfortable, offering terry-loop cushioning for the entire foot. They’re a great over-the-calf length while still being plenty stretchy, as well.


  • Come in a variety of fun, bright color combos and patterns.
  • Really comfy, thanks to the terry-loop cushioning.
  • Stretchy and soft.
  • A great value buy, considering that you get four pairs.


  • Those with bigger calves might find these a tad constricting, so they’re not the right fit for everyone.

Yoicy Women’s Super-Thick Wool Socks

More like slippers than socks

Meet your new movie-and-couch BFF: Yoicy Wool Socks.
Best Thick Material

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When you want socks that feel like giant, cozy, fluffy slippers, it’s time to invest in a pair of Yoicy Super-Thick Wool Socks. These are truly some of the comfiest socks known to humankind. Not only are they super-warm, but they’re also very stretchy, so they have a near-universal fit (unlike some other wool socks that can fit too tightly). They come in packs of three or five, and are available in a wide range of vivid colors (or neutral tones, if that’s more your style). Get ready for some seriously cozy nights on the couch with these Yoicy socks.


  • Excellent value; they’re available in packs of three or five.
  • Super-soft, stretchy material that doesn’t bunch up or fit too tightly.


  • These are really warm, so they might not be right for every climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I wear wool socks as opposed to cotton?

Wool is an excellent insulator (unlike cotton), and it also can absorb a lot of moisture. Plus, it dries relatively quickly, especially when compared to other materials.

Wool socks make my feet feel itchy; why is this?

If your wool socks feel scratchy or itchy on your feet, then you’re not buying the highest-quality wool. Merino wool shouldn’t itch at all, for example.

Can I wear wool socks while hiking?

You can, and you should. Wool socks are great for hiking since they wick away sweat and provide nice cushioning. You’ll just want to make sure that they’re thin, not thick.