The Best Crystal Necklaces

Whether you believe that crystals have healing powers or not, there is no denying that they are beautiful. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be used for all kinds of decoration. One of our favorite things to do with crystals is to wear them as a necklace. Crystal necklaces can be worn to dress up an outfit, or they can be worn as a part of your everyday look. Knowing what crystal necklace to pick can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve made it easier by creating this roundup of the best crystal necklaces available on the market.

Crystal Vibe Handmade Healing Pendant Crystal Necklace

All the powers in one

The pendant in this necklace is made of various types of crystals, so you don't have to narrow your choice down to just one.
Best Overall

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This rainbow-colored necklace features a variety of precious stones, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, and red jasper. It is handmade out of natural orgonite crystals, earth metals, and resins to create a piece that will turn heads and serve as a conversation piece. This piece works for nearly everyone, too, as it features an adjustable cord that lets you put the pendant where it’s most comfortable for you. It comes safely in a black velvet bag that serves as a great way to keep it safe when you’re not wearing it.


  • Made by hand
  • Adjustable cord
  • Pendant has a lovely blend of colors


  • The colors may not glimmer as brightly as you’d expect

Tumbeelluwa Crystal Point Necklace

Man, oh man

Looking for a crystal that speaks to your masculine self? This one is it.
Best For Men

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Though many crystals are brightly colored and have a more feminine look to them, they aren’t all that way. This piece from Tumbeelluwa comes in a few different colors that are more muted. They’ll still give you the beauty of a crystal, but without the bright colors. The stones are lightweight, too, making them easy to wear without weighing you down. The lobster-claw clasp on the chain makes the necklace easy to put on and take off and provides a simple way to display the crystal. There are two pendants included in this pack, so you can gift one to a friend or a loved one.


  • Crystal is lightweight
  • Lobster-claw clasp perfect for easy removal
  • Comes with two pendants


  • Stone is bigger than expected

Tumbeelluwa Natural Gemstone Necklace

Feminine touch

Let your feminine side shine through with the help of this crystal necklace.
Best For Women

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Choose from either rose quartz or amethyst stone to bring a feminine aura to any ensemble. Featuring a braided gold rope, this necklace’s crystal sits in a braided gold fastening that keeps it in place and gives it a unique look. The rope is 30 inches long but is adjustable to however far down you want the necklace to dangle. It is surprisingly lightweight and works well with all outfits, whether they’re dressy or casual. It makes for a great gift for a special someone, too, and it comes in a purple carry case.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable rope chain
  • Crystal is larger than most of the competitors’


  • The rope may not look as bright as it appears in the photos

Top Plaza Natural Raw Stone Healing Crystal Necklace

Wrap it up

Keep your crystal safe with this wire wrap necklace.
Best Wire Wrap

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Wire wrapping is by no means a new way to create jewelry, but we love the wire wrap with the crystal combination. With this necklace from Top Plaza, you can choose from ten different stone options that will make this piece a personal one that speaks to you. Because the stones are natural, each can vary in size a bit, making every necklace unique. The wrapping of the crystal is a tree of life, which symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things.


  • You can choose between ten different stones
  • Tree of life wrap design
  • Great for a gift


  • Quite heavy

Dancing Bear Healing Crystal Pendant Necklaces (Set of 3)

Not one, not two, but three

Three is better than one — especially when it comes to crystals.
Best Set

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Get the beauty of three crystals with the purchase of this set. You get an amethyst, rose quartz, and a clear quartz necklace. They all come complete with an identification card and come on an 18-inch silver-plated chain to complete the look. The stones, which are all totally natural, are wire-wrapped to give the necklace an extra touch. And to top it all off, the necklace comes in a lovely treasure chest box that serves both as a decorative piece and a place to store the necklace when you’re not wearing it.

  • 3 different crystal necklaces
  • Silver-plated chain
  • Comes with a treasure chest box


  • Chains are not of the highest quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all crystals real?

No, some crystal necklaces are made out of synthetic stones. Be sure to read the descriptions and reviews of the stones to ensure the one that you are ordering is indeed a real crystal. However, if you don’t care about whether the crystal is real and just want something that looks nice, then there is no need to worry.

How can I clean my crystal necklace?

Cleaning your crystal necklace is an easy process. Simply fill a bowl with water and sea salt and let it soak. You can even add in a bit of white vinegar if your crystal is particularly cloudy. You should do this about every month or so to keep your crystal shining and looking bright.

Can I wear my crystal necklace to bed?

Because crystal necklaces tend to be big and heavy, it is not a good idea to wear them to bed. They could potentially hurt you while you’re sleeping. It is a personal choice, but we recommend taking your crystal necklace off before heading into bed.