The Best Necklaces For Men

As the ways we think about gender have changed, our ideas about fashion have followed suit. Though it was always considered normal for men to wear various forms of jewelry, nowadays, guys have more freedom than ever to choose the accessories that best suit them. Necklaces in particular can really pull together a man's entire outfit. If you're in the market for a nice necklace, you'll probably find yourself intrigued and then discouraged at the enormous variety available out there. Fortunately, we’ve already created a list of the best necklaces for men to make your search easier, so keep reading to find the one that's right for you.

Trendsmax Necklace

Supreme shine

The gold-plated finish and bold design make this one stand out from the crowd.
Best Overall

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This stainless steel necklace’s gold-plated finish gives it a unique style that’ll enhance just about any outfit. Additionally, its lightweight construction ensures that it is comfortable and not too heavy to wear. Plus, the letter initial pendant makes this necklace for anyone interested in a personalized jewelry piece.


  • Gold plated design for a touch of pizzazz
  • You can customize it with a letter initial pendant for yourself or a loved one
  • Quite light


  • The necklace is a bit small compared to others

ChainsPro Necklace

Glamour gifts

If you're looking to show someone you love how much you care, the black velvet pouch and gift box included with this necklace make it a true winner.
Best Gift

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If you’re looking for a necklace to gift as a gift, this option from ChainsPro is a smart choice. The hip choker design gives this necklace a thick, bold appearance. Plus, it comes included with a lovely gift box and a black velvet pouch, making it an excellent gift option. Moreover, because this necklace features stainless steel, you can expect a long-lasting, durable product piece of jewelry. This guarantees that you can wear it to any event, all year round.


  • Stainless steel build provides longevity and durability
  • The velvet pouch and gift box make this necklace the perfect present
  • Chunky design makes it a bold style accessory


  • This necklace is a bit heavy

M Mooham Necklace

Criss cross

Sporting a simple, streamlined design, this one draws all the attention where it matters most.
Best Cross

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Those seeking a necklace with a cross pendant have a great choice in this necklace from M Mooham. First off, the stainless steel design is made with oxidation-resistant material. This ensures that this necklace doesn’t easily get tarnished or fade in color. Plus, this necklace offers a smooth box chain and a sturdy clasp, making it comfy to wear all day long. And because the necklace itself is so minimalist, the cross pendant stands out, emphasizing the iconographic importance of the symbol. Last but not least, the waterproof steel allows you to wear this necklace while you take a shower or swim without fear of damaging it.


  • Waterproof design allows you to wear this necklace in the pool or shower
  • Oxidation-resistant stainless steel enhances longevity


  • The necklace clasp could be more effective

Etevon Necklace

Fresh fit

If style is the name of your game, Etevon has just the solution.
Most Stylish

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The option from Etevon is considered to be the most stylish necklace that you can get your hands on. The personalized capital letter pendant can make for an ideal anniversary present for your partner, and the gold-plated design is loud and bold. It features a smooth face, so it won’t rub or scratch against your skin uncomfortably. Finally, the waterproof finish lets you shower with the necklace on. Thanks to that, you can wear it all day and not worry about where you last placed it.


  • Smooth face ensures it won’t irritate your skin
  • Nickel- and lead-free; crafted with safe materials
  • High-quality titanium steel


  • The chain itself isn’t the hardiest

Miabella Necklace

Dazzling diamonds

Those in search of a sturdy chain that can stand up to the rigours of a life well-lived should check out this chain.
Most Long-Lasting

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This choice made by Miabella is great for anyone interested in buying a necklace that’ll last a long time. Aside from boasting a durable construction, this diamond-cut chain is also highly reflective, giving it a stylish, shiny finish. Understated in its elegance, the bright silver metal construction is perfect to wear with a casual outfit or your most formal attire. Additionally, the lobster-claw clasp and spring mechanism provide this necklace with top-notch stability and security. Also, it comes with a unique gift box, which makes it an excellent anniversary or birthday present.


  • Shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Lobster-clasp enhances security
  • Flat diamond-cut links; improve durability and longevity


  • This necklace is comfy, but when the links get twisted, it can give off a rough feel

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my necklace?

All you need to clean your necklace is soap and water. First, simply take a bowl of water and mix in a couple of drops of dish soap. Place your necklace into the bowl for a few seconds. Remove your necklace from the bowl of soapy water and use a clean cloth to dry it off. Don’t forget to let your necklace completely dry off before putting it away.

What are necklaces made of?

Necklace chains are manufactured with a variety of different materials. The most common material for high-quality necklaces is gold or silver. Although these necklaces are resilient, they do require a bit of upkeep as they can suffer some wear and tear over time. Platinum is another great option as it’s extremely durable and doesn’t need as much maintenance as a silver or gold necklace would.